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Looks like Spring is starting!
06 Mar 2014

Been busy here at Bluebell having a good old Spring clean and tidy up everywhere around - been making space to create a new herb bed next to the old greenhouse.Everyone has been helping - Dad is always so good at getting things made properly , Andrew has been hard ...continued

Surviving the Winter so far!
06 Feb 2014

Compared to what some people are suffering now and compared to previous Winters - so far seem to be surviving realtively unscathed. had excellent trading before Christmas - in between the gale force winds! - and have never had such a strong growth in interest in deliveries as have this ...continued

Christmas deliveries and markets information
16 Dec 2013

 Christmas is coming upon us - here is important information about deliveries and markets in the last minute rush to get your Christmas veg! This week ( 18th/19th/20th ) is last week of delvieries for Christmas and then I am taking 2 weeks off to rest after the year I ...continued

Been an amazing summer and a great harvest!
18 Nov 2013

What an amazing summer it has been and what a great harvest of fruit and vegetables! Sorry i have been away from the news page for quite a while but its all been change here at Bluebell - Steve decided to venture off into pastures new in June so I ...continued

Everything is growing like mad!
26 Aug 2013

If only every summer could be like this!Yes this perfect combination of sun and rain and warmth makes all the weeds go mad as well but I found under the weeds last week some very happy big cabbges and kale growing away happily




Can we have a whole summer like this?
10 June 2013

What is this strange golden ball in the sky- I had forgotten what it feels like to be warm!This month has just been the perfect weather for getting stuff in the ground - in fact its been so warm I had to water the squash and pumpkins!

As i say planting ...continued

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