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Everything is growing like mad!
26 Aug 2013

If only every summer could be like this!Yes this perfect combination of sun and rain and warmth makes all the weeds go mad as well but I found under the weeds last week some very happy big cabbges and kale growing away happily




Can we have a whole summer like this?
10 June 2013

What is this strange golden ball in the sky- I had forgotten what it feels like to be warm!This month has just been the perfect weather for getting stuff in the ground - in fact its been so warm I had to water the squash and pumpkins!

As i say planting ...continued

Things are growing at last!
29 Apr 2013

After weeks of endless snow and cold - at least now when the sun does come out it feels a bit warm and I feel a bit hopeful that things might start to grow again! Great signs of Spring have ben in the garden - with some bees buzzing about ...continued

A bit of Spring but mostly still Winter
24 Feb 2013

It seemed for a brief while that Spring was on the way - the snowdrops are all well on display in the woods next to the garden and things that had survived the winter like the spinach are starting to green up


Just as we survived Christmas and it seemed safe..
23 Jan 2013


Just as we survived the rush of Christmas and the weather looked a bit more hopeful comes the real Winter weather!Not quite as bad as 2 years ago but a bit of a pain nonetheless! I think this picture defines the meaning of Bluebell Organics in the snow!



We survived summer - here comes Christmas!
12 Nov 2012

Despite all the weather could throw at us this summer we have survived - we managed to get some good crops growing even though everything was late:



Here are some good images of the celeriac , carrots ...continued

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