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Easter already and good signs of Spring!
31 Mar 2016

Easter has been and gone and the clocks have changed- more time to do things in the evening and lots of good signs of Spring!

The first seeds of tomatoes, peppers and chillis are all planted and thriving in the warm greenhouse and have managed to get the tractor on the ...continued

New Year News 2016
01 Feb 2016

Already a month of the year has gone past and all those good intentions to catch up on paperwork seem a long distant memory! Paperwork is a bit like homework I think - its easy to keep putting it off until suddenly its due on a Monday morning in the ...continued

Christmas Delivery Dates!
08 Dec 2015

Christmas is soon upon us and there will be a slight change to delivery days in the Chritsmas week so I can escape to my family on Christmas Eve...


- Deliveries due on Wednesday 23rd December will be delivered on TUESDAY 22nd December

- Deliveries due on Thursday 24th December will be ...continued

A mixed season but mostly good
08 Oct 2015

its been a bit of mixed growing season here at Bluebell for the summer of 2015 - by no means a bad one but a little bit too cool for some crops like squash and tomatoes which had considerably less of a hravest than last year. Both these crops went ...continued

Busy picking some great produce now !
27 July 2015

So far so good - its been a pretty good growing season so far with just the right amount of rain and sun to keep things growing - despite a cold start and now even in late July some worringly cold nights!

The bees brought to the garden are thriving and ...continued

Busy as Bees in June!
07 June 2015

It has been a very exciting week here at Bluebell - thanks to my volunteer Andrew we have our first beehives in the garden! The old hippy in me cannot seem to resist wanting to greet them every morning! As you may know bees have been under great threat and ...continued

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