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Its been a busy season!
20 Sep 2011
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Its been a busy season here at Bluebell Organics! It seems that since April we have been virtually working dawn til dusk and still not everything gets done!However at least now everything except the sping cabbage and overwintering onions is in the ground and we have mostly caught up with the vast amount of weeding that followed that spell of wet followed by warm weather in July which made everything grow like crazy!Despite the odd spells of odd weather things have generally been growing weel this year and we have had plenty of the summer crops like courgettes,cucumbers and tomatoes - the tomatoes have especially liked the new polytunnel we put up this year for them.





We also have an exciting field full of vegetables ready for Autumn and Winter - the squash and pumpkins are growing apace as are the brussel sprouts, savoy and red cabbage.






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