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Is it really summer?
12 June 2012
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What a weather! Every year throwa up something different and after the exceptionally warm early weather and one week of extra hot weather late May it seems we are stuck withn this cold and wet interspersed with a bit of warm or not quite as cold...

Life and planting has to go on however and this is the busiest time of year to get everything in and growing- we have been making good use of the new greenhouse and growing as many of our own seedlings as possible - as you can see they are growing away well




The new herb beds are growing on well



Fortunately there has just been enough dry days to get the transplants and seeds in - all the summer brassicas like broccolli and cauliflowers are in as well as the carrots and beetroot - we even dared to put the sweetcorn in!   



Lets hope for some more warmth to get things really growing!







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