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Can we have a whole summer like this?
10 June 2013
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What is this strange golden ball in the sky- I had forgotten what it feels like to be warm!This month has just been the perfect weather for getting stuff in the ground - in fact its been so warm I had to water the squash and pumpkins!

As i say planting has been going at full speed - the brassicas like sprouts and cabbage are in along with about 300 squash and courgettes



The strawberry plants are in full production and hopefully we wil have plenty this year as long as I can keep the birds and the dog off them!The apple trees seem to have tons of blossom too so here is hoping for a better apple crop this year



The potatoes are up and growing at last and the overwintering garlic and onions have survived and are coming to fruition


We have been creating new herb beds also to add to the existing ones - you can find me selling fresh bunches of herbs at the markets this month


Now all I have to do is keep up with the watering and hope the weeds don't overtake me!



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