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Been an amazing summer and a great harvest!
18 Nov 2013
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What an amazing summer it has been and what a great harvest of fruit and vegetables! Sorry i have been away from the news page for quite a while but its all been change here at Bluebell - Steve decided to venture off into pastures new in June so I have been here running the ship alone - actually thank goodness not totakky alone thanks to the fantastic help of my parents and 4 wonderful volunteers this year!

So it has been even more full on than ever but as I said we have had some wonderful crops to show for it thanks to all that warm weather - the tomatoes did great as did the brassica crops in the front field - we did have several weeks of daily caterpillar picking to contend with though but everything survived and there are some great crops of savoy cabbage,brussel sprouts and kale




I have also had to learn to drive the tractor and use some of the rather old fashioned equipment we have for picking the potatoes - it does the job though and with the help of my great volunteers we just got the potatoes in before in got too wet!



Ther has also been a fantastic harvest of pumpkins and squash - one pumpkin went off to Hexham farmers market for a guess the weight competition - it weighed 14 kg!




And as for the apples! Considering last year we hardly had a few box full! This year some small trees alone have produced 18 boxes!


I think we will be making apple juice until Christmas!

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