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Looks like Spring is starting!
06 Mar 2014
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Been busy here at Bluebell having a good old Spring clean and tidy up everywhere around - been making space to create a new herb bed next to the old greenhouse.Everyone has been helping - Dad is always so good at getting things made properly , Andrew has been hard grafting shovelling soil in and Mum has been tidying up the strawberries. The dog was also of course a great help - digging up stones to play with!






Also starting to plant the first seeds of the year which is always very exciting - been sowing all the tomato and pepper and chilli plants ready to grow on eventually to plants


They are safely in the heated greenhouse now

Outside the warmer weather has brought on the growth of the purple sprouting broccolli and a new spurt of growth from last years chard - its always nice to have something fresh and new at this time of year!


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