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Best start to the year I can remember!
24 Mar 2014
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So lucky this year - all this dry and relatively warm weather has beena great start to the season - the fields have dried out enough to get on and work them over - we have been busy clearing out the old kale and I have learnt a new skill - how to rotavate the field with the tractor.I am becoming quite a tractor lover - its so exciting to use a machine that does such a great job - something you could not possibly do by hand!





I just love the way the field looks at the start of the year - so clean and ready to go - was able to even put some early broad beans in! Inside the garden walls is looking just as good - put some early radish and salad leaf in - cannot remember the last time I had stuff planted in mid March


And happily growing away in the heated greenhouse are all the tomato and chilli plants!

Lets hope the good weather continues - not long until the first transplants of chard lettuce and beetroot arrive - can't wait to get them in the ground!

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