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I have planted so many plants this week!
17 Apr 2014
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The great weather continues to favour us vegetable growers - been dry enough to thoroughly work the land over again and the warmth in the greenhouse with the spells of sunshine has brought the tomato and chilli plants to a great size - will be able to plant them out in the tunnles next week - in April!! - the earliest ever known here at Bluebell!



Also the first set of transplant vegetables arrived last Thursday and so lucky to get them straight in the ground on Tuesday - the first 1000 lettuce ,1000 beetroot and 600 chard went in - with great thanks as ever to the many hands making light work with my wonderful volunteers!





Also Mum and Dad were busy putting in a green manure crop within the garden walls - every now and then an area of ground needs a rest and for its fertility to be restored - the best way is to sow a green crop which will grow away and been ploughed back in next year


I have also been busy helping plant up at Newfields Organics near Helmsley this week.They are a family firm who grow larger quantities of veg than I ever can - all the great root crops like potatoes and carrots as well as the basic brassiccas like cabbage and kale - I have decided to concentrate on a limited variety of crops to grow myself at Bluebell this year - things I can manage and that are high value like the salad and fruit crops as well as a good selection of brassicas myself. I will leave the growing of the potatoes ,carrots and parsnips up to the experts at Newfields! To be able to take their produce to the farmers markets I need to be involved in the production of their produce - hence I found myslef on Monday in a freezing wind helping to plant 26,000 veg transplants! yes you heard correctly - 26,000! They have a super machine on the tractor - much more sophisticated than anything here - but the pictures are amazing of a field full of veg




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