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Do you know what 6000 plants look like?!
01 June 2014
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What a busy time it has been 

Fortunately the weather over the Bank Holiday weekend gave me plenty of time to get lots of planting done..

The second crops of beetroot and lettuce have gone as have the outdoor tomatoes, sweetcorn,red and savoy cabbage and brussel sprouts - the field is filling up fast!

This is what 6000 veg plants looks like in the greenhouse!





Also been busy planting up the new herb bed with parsley and chamomile and basil in the polytunnels - last years herb beds are now producing great fresh bunches of oregano,rosemary , thyme and sage which are now available to buy online or at the farmers markets


All the polytunnel crops are growing so fast i could swear you could see them grow - the tomatoes seem to be growing an inch a week and there was a day when the newly planted squash and cucumber seeds went from nothing to half an inch in a day and then almost doubled in a week!





Also by the look of it it won't be long until there are strawberries ready!


Here's hoping the rest of the summer is as good!

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