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Everything is Growing wildly
07 July 2014
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I always think June is the busiest time of year - it seems no matter how hard I work it is impossible to keep up with everything! I started the month with planting lots of brassicas - cabbages , kale and more kale and then spent the rest of the month trying to stop the rabbits from eating it all! It seems they have learnt to eat through the fleece cover that usually protects them and so it has been en masse rabbit fencing and dog patrols morning and night!




I love the image of me from the tractor in comfort while poor Ann is on the back of the transplant machine!

Also been planting this years squash and pumpkin plants - only 450 I had to do by hand!

All the warm weather has meant the polytunnel crops are doing great as well - the tomatoes and peppers are well on as are the cucumbers - its the dog I have to stop from eating them rather than the rabbits!



The newly planted herb beds are also growing well - providing fresh bunches of parsley, rosemary,thyme, basil and oregano for the markets


Of course it all also means that the weeds are growing as well - you can just about see the red cabbage and sweetcirn amoungst the weeds!



I suppose there is no rest for the wicked!

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