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Hard work but a successful summer so far!
31 Aug 2014
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Its been an incredibly busy summer - hence no updates here since June - but overall all the hard work has produced some amazing results! 

Its seems a lot of the summer has all been about weeding - especially in the front field where the kale, cabbage , lettuce and squash seemed for a while to have disappeared under a sea of thistles and nettles! Luckily with the help of my wonderful volunteers and after some several hours been prickled to death - the crops did emerge again!







I think this is what they call a "before" and "after" picture!!




Mind you the weeds have been harbouring some amazing wildlife - dad saw a hedgehog and there were 100s of butterflies amoungst the thistles as well as plenty of bees and even a huge caterpillar which scared the dog!




Been busy also getting the last lot of planting done - the last amounts of beetroot, lettuce and purple sprouting broccolli have gone in


As I said though all this hard work has paid off - with some amazing crops on the go - in fact things have turned a bit weird with strange cucumbers,black tomatoes and weird coloured and shapes of tomatoes - also black peppers, figs and aubergines are all on the go as thie pictures show









All this was great for the open day we hosted last Sunday - over 90 people came to see the garden in all its glory - we were lucky to have the one sunny warm day in a while!




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