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It would not be January without some wild weather!
16 Jan 2015
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Here we are in January - Happy New Year to you all! It would not feel like January without some wild weather - I feel exhausted already with the rollercoaster of wind and now snow we have already had!

Last Sunday seemed to be the worst - I knew I did not want to go outside on Monday morning - after feeling like I was going to loose my windows in the house over night - went out to find the gate smashed open , panels in the greenhouse out and worst of all - the polytunnel by the wall was , well , no longer attached to the wall!!





On top of that all going on - woke up to snow on Wednesday - which made the delivery round that bit more exciting! 



So Tuesday was spent variously repairing the tunnel and any other damage ready for more wind forecast! Thanks goodness as ever for Dad and my volunteers!




Lets hope things calm down a bit !

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