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Signs of Spring after some cold and Wintry weather
22 Mar 2015
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Looking around the garden this morning in the bright Spring sunshine - it looks like there are some signs of Spring at last after what has been a pretty cold start to the year.The ground looks pretty empty at the moment but it has been dry enough to work over with the tractor and rotovator so for a time at least it looks weed free!

The blackcurrant bush is starting to flower and the rhubarb is starting to show as well as the first of the daffodils in the orchard



As its Spring it is also time for the first of the seeds to get sown in the greenhouse - my volunteers Julie and Sue had agreat session last Tuseday planting the tomato and peppers seeds - it does not take long for them to get going either!



All winter I have been longing to find time to sort the tool shed out also - was so fed up of not being able to find anything ! Dad and I had a great session at it over a couple of days - now everything is in order and that was lucky because it made space for the most exciting purchase this year - a new rotovator! I have wanted to buy a new one for a long time because it makes the job of keeping on top of the weeds so much easier and thanks to the money from the Friends of Bluebell - at last it is here! It looks so shiny and new I am afraid to get it dirty!


We have also been busy making apple juice and some gift baskets for Easter - Easter already!!


Now I can look forward to the clocks going forward and days of more light by the end of the week

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