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Its May already and its all systems go!
06 May 2015
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I can never remember how everything gets done at this time of year - a couple of weeks ago when we had that warm spell I could not decide what to do first - cut the grass , rotovate the land , prepare the polytunnels or make chutney! As usual in the nd Idid a bit of all of them !


The first set of transplants arrived mid April - the delivery guy had to contend with the road to ours being shut that day but he got here thanks goodness! The polytunnels were soon cleared and the transplants soon in - so the first lot of lettuce , beetroot and chard is growing away steadily. I also got to use the brand new rotovator for the first time which was exciting!





I have also been busy helping out at Newfields Organics near Helmsley - if you think I have enough on my hands with 6000 transplants - they have more like 30,000! It will never be possible for me to grow everything I sell here at Forcett so I find it the best thing to work with Newfields - they have more like 20 acres of vegetables .It makes more sense as well as they have the equipment and labour to grow bigger crops like potatoes , carrots and leeks amoungst others whilst I focus on the more sensitive crops like tomatoes , cucumber and peppers which do well in the shelter of the walled garden.Working together we can supply the widest possible range of local and seasonal produce for the deliveries and the markets




Had to play a game of chicken with the frost and wait a bit to put the tomatoes and peppers out in the polytunnels - they were virually triffid size by the time they went in last week but seem to be quite happy now.


 Now its just a question of catching up with the weeds after all this rain !


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