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Busy as Bees in June!
07 June 2015
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It has been a very exciting week here at Bluebell - thanks to my volunteer Andrew we have our first beehives in the garden! The old hippy in me cannot seem to resist wanting to greet them every morning! As you may know bees have been under great threat and yet are so vital to 90% of the food we eat - and I had been concerned by an awareness of a lack of bees in the garden despite masses of apple blossom - so hopefully this will all help



The weather has been exciting too - wind again! On Tuesday the fleece sheets covering the cabbage and sprouts took off into next doors garden - I wish we could have captured on film the giant Andrex moment their puppy had! Then this weekend we all got blown off Barnard Castle farmers market - we still managed to trade but were all exhausted at the end of it!

Been doing a lot of weeding this week - my mission has been to get the thistles before they get me! I had to wear my winter ski gloves to protect my hands though! In between the weeds and the weather - I have to say the crops are looking really great this year - there has been just the right amount of rain and sun. I have been picking lettuce, chard and radish already and collecting Pak Choi and spring greens from Newfields Organics. Meanwhile the sprouts and cabbage in the front field are looking great too



The tomatoes are doing great too - I was so excited to see the first fruits forming



And the dog was very helpful as usual when Julie and I were planting the runner beans - we decided to create a wigwam structure for them to grow up - on the basis that the native Americans probably knew what they were doing in creating stable structures!



Next to happen is more weeding and then the squash and courgette plants are getting ready to go out - could say we will be as busy as the bees!

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