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Busy picking some great produce now !
27 July 2015
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So far so good - its been a pretty good growing season so far with just the right amount of rain and sun to keep things growing - despite a cold start and now even in late July some worringly cold nights!

The bees brought to the garden are thriving and there has been some fantastic amounts of bumble bees everywhere - Dad and I have felt guilty cutting the grass sometimes because there are so many bees on the clover!


The combination of rain and sun does not half make the weeds grow though and as ever some areas do get away on us but after many hours getting stung by nettle and prickled by thistles - we do seem to be making progress! The pigeons seem to have been particularily hungry this year so have had to go back to some very primitive crop protection methods - lines of string with tin foil attached ! Seems to work though even if it does look like we are trying to communicate with aliens and even if it did take Mum several hours to unwind it after it had done its job!



Still everything is looking pretty good and have started picking some great produce already - the tomatoes have grown and have been picking boxes of multi coloured ones already 



The chard and beetroot have been already great crops



There has also been plenty of lettuce , broad beans and even the first aubergines!




Meanwhile the brussel sprouts and savoy cabbages are getting huge too - quite a change from last eyar when I lost a lot to the rabbits! Now the front field is well and truly fenced off!


I have also been helping out at Newfields Organics recently - I am always in awe at the scale of the vegetable area they have - they have single fields of carrots and parsnips that are bigger than all I have together - so imagine the weeding they have to do!

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