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A mixed season but mostly good
08 Oct 2015
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its been a bit of mixed growing season here at Bluebell for the summer of 2015 - by no means a bad one but a little bit too cool for some crops like squash and tomatoes which had considerably less of a hravest than last year. Both these crops went in 2 weeks late because it was so cold early on in the season and there have been just a few too many cool nights for their liking. Actually I have had some of the best pickings very late on with this extra bit of warmth in late September and early October



Hope you like my new pink wheelbarrow!

Its been a good season for wildlife though - the bees we put in the garden have been doing really well in the hives and certainly doing their job in pollinating everything. We also had a family of hedgehogs visit this year but we did need to move them away from the curiousity of the dog!



We also had a very successful Open Day here in August and despite the fact it was a typical British summer day ( the only day it rained all day that month...) - we still had a tremendous day with plenty of visitors who just came prepared for the weather ! The garden did look a bit like Glastonbury afterwards but soon recovered. The Rotary Club of Richmond did a great job of serving cups of tea and most of my family got involved in helping out including my nieces who had a great time selling people lots of vegetables



This busy time was followed by a full on preparation to get lots of chutney and apple juice made ready for the Thrift Festival in Darlington -last year we had a great time - this year we had an utterly amazing time - they reckon there were 50,000 visitors during the weekend - we certainly sold out both days and signed up 18 new customers to the delviery scheme

Now with this extra bonus of some late Autumn warmth and sunshine - its all about gathering in the harvest - have been some great crops this year - chillies and apples by the bucket load - the next 3 weekends will be full of apple picking followed by several days of apple juice making - there are 800 bottles ready to be filled!




There are plenty of crops yet to come as well - the brassicas have done really well in the front field after surviving the early attacks of rabbits , pigeons and a few caterpillars now - there is plenty of sprouts , kale and cabbage 



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