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New Year News 2016
01 Feb 2016
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Already a month of the year has gone past and all those good intentions to catch up on paperwork seem a long distant memory! Paperwork is a bit like homework I think - its easy to keep putting it off until suddenly its due on a Monday morning in the rain!!

The run up to Christmas was a particularily tough one this 2015 - the unusually mild and quite friendly weather gave way to a December of destruction and disruption! The markets up to Christmas are very busy and important for cash flow into the New year - this last set we had 70mph winds one weekend, the only big snow episode the next weekend and much chaos ensued! It was frustrating having lots of lovely gift sets ready to sell and not much oppurtunity to sell them.More worryingly were the journeys to and from the markets for everyone involved 

In the garden also the wind did a lot of damage - I used to have a common anxiety nightmare about waking up to find all the polytunnels had been destroyed - unfortunately that first weekend in December that nearly came true - with 3 out of the 4 damaged and the panels ripped out of the greenhouse also !




So the grden and field look a bit forlorn and empty right now - there is still some kale, beetroot and sprouts on the go and even some chard because its been so mild 





Still at least there has not been much snow to contend with and no effects of the floods despite all around us... I think the guys up at Newfields Organis have had a worse time of it though - not being able to get any tractors on the land due to the wet and so having to struggle to pick tons of carrots and parsnips by hand ..rather them than me!

So lets hope things get better soon - its not long until we have to start thinking about planting tomatoes and peppers and wishing for a non windy day so that we can put new covers on the polytunnels - lets hope the next news has better pictures to show!

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