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Easter already and good signs of Spring!
31 Mar 2016
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Easter has been and gone and the clocks have changed- more time to do things in the evening and lots of good signs of Spring!

The first seeds of tomatoes, peppers and chillis are all planted and thriving in the warm greenhouse and have managed to get the tractor on the land and give it its first working of the year now its finally dried up a bit! The plum tree is in blossom and the daffodils in full bloom - mind you all this lovely weather during the week - we still seem to get the worst of it at the weekends when markets are on! Porr Julie got caught ina huge hailstorm on Sunday!!




I am also glad to say that after the last newsletter and its rather depressing pictures of ripped up polytunnels - we have now managed to get covers back on both of them! It took a lot of work though - from digging out the trenches where the plastic has to tuck in to - to getting the cover over the top and then refilling the trenches!! All the while trying to make sure the cover is a taut as possible - thanks good ness there was no wind like the last time we tried to do it!










Thanks goodness for tall people and teamwork! That was just the first tunnel - by the time we did the second one we felt like experts! More teamwork required though and lots of cups of tea and cake!!





So lots of progress and a lot better pictures than the New year report - next to come will be the start of the full planting season...

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