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A Special Announcement...
04 Aug 2016
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For those of you who have known the history of Bluebell Organics and for others who may not be aware.. this is a special newsletter to let you know of a significant change that has happened over the summer this year. Until 2013 Bluebell Organics was run as a partnership between myself Katrina Palmer and Stephen Barker - we set up the company and restored the fortunes of the very neglected garden at Forcett Hall - converting it to organic staus and developing the business of selling home deliveries and at local famers markets. In 2013 Steve decided to leave the partnership and I decided to continue on my own - with fantastic help from my friends, family and volunteers, however after 3 years I found that managing the workload was in the end too much for me and I also recognised that the business needed to grow  to ensure its own stability - therefore before Christmas last year I decided to put the business up for sale..

I am delighted to announce that buyers have been found and have in fact been working with me since February time - we have not been able to fomally announce things until now because of the long legal process involved, 

The new owners are called Cath Yates and Jeremy Warr and along with their family are going to be working together in the business - you may have already seen them at markets or on the delivery round,

I am really delighted to have found such fantastic new owners - it was really important to me that the business should continue with the same ethos that I have believed in for so long - providing good quality organic fruits and veg direct to you at a fair price and with personal service... I can only emphasise that for you as a customer things will continue as they are and have the potential to improve - I have been working personally with Cath and Jeremy since February and will continue to do so until Christmas to ensure a smooth transiton to new ownership.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your fantastic and loyal support over the years - some of you have come to markets in rain and snow and some of you I have known for nearly the 25 years the business has existed it has been a real privilege to know you all and to experience the warmth of your regard for what I have tried to do. 

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