June Newsletter

01 June 2021

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01 June 2021

We are going to be on holiday during the week beginning June 14th. We have friends and family looking after the garden and organising the deliveries. However we won't be around to answer emails or messages until the following week Monday 21st. 

Any Web orders made after Monday 7th will therefore not be processed until the week of the 21st.  Regular orders will not be affected. 


May Newsletter

06 May 2021

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April Newsletter

22 April 2021

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April News


Bluebell News letter

25 March 2021

To all Newsletter subscribers, thank you for your patience!

We promise to try hardert this year! 

To all - here is a link to our recent newsletter.

Bluebell News Spring 2021

March 2021

04 March 2021

We hope you are enjoying your deliveries and the the beginnings of Spring time!

The future

In our last news we explained that we wanted to start handing on the baton to someone else and for us to take things a bit more gently.

However, since then (positive) changes beyond our control mean that although we are still wanting to do this eventually, it is not likely to happen for a couple more years. In the meantime we will continue working to secure a good future for Bluebell Organics. We look forward to continuing to supply you; for now everything will continue as usual. We will give you as much notice as we can of any changes.

Price increase

Also in our last news we explained that we would be deciding on the level of increase of our prices in the new year (we have kept prices the same since 2017).

We have increased prices from March onwards; by between 10 and 15% on all our deliveries. Thanks to all our regular customers who have reponded so quickly, and positively! 

Adding apple juice and eggs

From March onwards we will be able to offer everyone the opportunity to add Bluebell apple juice and also Piercebridge Organic Farm free range eggs to a delivery (until now we have only been able to deliver these to some areas). You can find these on the web shop or email us to add to your regular order. 

Returning delivery bags, boxes etc

During 2020 we have been delivering with single use compostable bags and boxes but from now on we will be able to safely re-use everything, so please leave out the bags and boxes (and apple juice bottles) from your previous delivery for us to take away.

Many thanks to you all and all best wishes to you through 2021

Cath and Jem at Bluebell Organics

Bluebell Updates

10 February 2021

Hello everyone and all good wishes for the coming year - let's hope its a better one at least! 

At the moment we are still, as key workers, busy growing, selling, and delivering your organic veg and fruit. We count ourselves as very fortunate to have good reason to be out of doors and busy at this time when so many people can't - and it is really comforting to feel that we are doing something useful in feeding people!

Regular customers had a newsletter in their boxes at Christmas to explain we are thinking of moving on from Bluebell  and have been looking to sell the business to new owners who can continue to supply you with organic and local veg and fruit!

However, changes beyond our control at the moment mean that although we are still wanting to do this eventually, it is not likely to happen for a couple more years. In the meantime we will work to secure a good future for Bluebell, and look forward to continuing to supply you! 

Website shop info

01 May 2020

Orders placed by Friday 24th July will be delivered the following week (Wednesday 29th to Saturday 1st August)

We will follow up all new orders with a regular order offer but if you don't want to commit to a regular weekly or fortnightly order you are welcome to continue ordering on the website shop

It is always possible to email us with queries etc - we try to deal with all enquiries as quickly as we can.


Update 27th April

27 April 2020

Thank you to all the customers who have contacted us about regular orders. With supply and demand being so hard to predict and effectively respond to this has been the only way to ensure we can get veg to those of you who want it, within a reasonable time frame.

The webshop is back open for bag orders only - (not individual items). We will remain open until Friday and plan to open again the following week - this is so we can manage our wholesale supplies effectively.

We will follow up all new orders with a regular order offer as this is still the only way we can be sure to be able to supply you at the moment.

If you understandably don't want to commit to a regular weekly or fortnightly order you are free to order via the website; we just need you to be aware that in the event of any  supply issues we could have to close the shop again for a time. 

It is always possible to email us with queries etc - we try to deal with all enquiries as quickly as we can.

Re DELIVERY AREAS AND DAYS - we have been greatly helped in getting orders out to people by Richie who some of you may have met already - he is helping out with some of our rounds and this has enabled us to catch up with admin and make a start with (the most improtant thing?) growing! 

We are now able to deliver all orders on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and substantially the rounds should be the same every week now - although we are still making a few adjustments. 

Meanwhile the garden is looking great, and we are catching up with sowing and planting as fast as we can. Last year  we were successfully minimising buying in transplants and managing to sow and grow most of our own; however this year in order to buy a little time we have some plant orders coming soon from Delfland, in addition to  the many seeds already sown. 

General news and updates for April

02 April 2020

First of all, thank you to all our customers for your patience, appreciation and encouragement this week - it has really helped to keep us going!

We hope you are all keeping well and busy, and cooking lots of lovely organic veg!

We are in the process of asking people to sign up for a regular order now in order to plan and as far as possible guarantee your orders. This will mean that you won't have to keep ordering each week, and also there is not the risk of the online shop closing when the order books are full. Everyone should receive an email regarding this shortly and we will get it processed and up and  running as soon as we can. 

We have extended our delivery area for the present, (see below) and are delivering on 4 days of the week - Wed- Sat

We are trying to establish a set day for each area, but this is still a little flexible as things settle down regarding supply  and ordering. We will keep you updated.


You can also use BACS if you are a regular order and usually pay by cash.

(BACS details are in the Contact Us section of this website).



  • Darlington and Newton Aycliffe
  • Weardale and Wear Valley
  • Teesdale and Barnard Castle
  • Richmond
  • Alston Moor and Nenthead (Group drop-off only - one each in Alston and Nent fortnightly)
  • Reeth, Leyburn and Wensleydale as far west as Castle Bolton
  • Bedale, Catterick, Brompton, Leeming, Masham 
  • Thirsk, Northallerton, Osmotherly
  • Middlesboro, Stockton, Great Ayton, Stokesley, Yarm


In order to deliver the increased number of orders at the moment WE ARE ONLY DELIVERING VEG BAGS/BOXES plus eggs and apple juice. There are no individual items available on the website, so please go straight to the VEG AND FRUIT BAGS section where you can also add juice and eggs to your order. 

We are sorry to have to make this change as we know that many of you really appreciate the chance to make individual purchases, but there is simply no time at the moment to process these. 

We have introduced 2 different Top-Up bags which will relace the old TV (Top-up veg). These are

TS - Top-up stir which will have stir fry items in smaller quanitites, and

TR - Top-up roots - as described, a £5 bag of root veg - at present potatoes, carrots and onions, but this can change with the season to include other roots.

We hope you find this more useful, to avoid unwanted duplications in your order.