14 November 2019


As usual at Christmas/New Year we will deliver a double order for all our regular customers - this year's delivery falls on Friday 20th December.

There will be no delivery during the week after Christmas - the next delivery day will be Friday 3rd January.

For weekly customers who have the same each week, this will be a double delivery; double quantities of potatoes, onions and carrots, then additional items - for example if you usually have a Small A with 1k potatoes, 500g carrots, 500 onions and 2 other items, at Christmas you will receive 2k potatoes, 1k each of carrots and onions, plus 4 other items.

Fortnightly customers will all get their deliveries on Friday 20th December, whether week one or two.

Customers who alternate types of bags will get both their types of bag together (eg, if you usually order a stir fry bag one week and and a medium the next, you will get both types of bag together on the 20th Dec).

To help you plan ahead we are intending to include sprouts and parsnips with all bags; then red cabbage and cooking apples; with garlic, leeks and mushrooms in larger bags. (all subject to availability)

Please remember you can order extras via the website but in order to ensure these are available for Christmas delivery we will need your orders by 13th December.