Update 27th April

27 April 2020

Thank you to all the customers who have contacted us about regular orders. With supply and demand being so hard to predict and effectively respond to this has been the only way to ensure we can get veg to those of you who want it, within a reasonable time frame.

The webshop is back open for bag orders only - (not individual items). We will remain open until Friday and plan to open again the following week - this is so we can manage our wholesale supplies effectively.

We will follow up all new orders with a regular order offer as this is still the only way we can be sure to be able to supply you at the moment.

If you understandably don't want to commit to a regular weekly or fortnightly order you are free to order via the website; we just need you to be aware that in the event of any  supply issues we could have to close the shop again for a time. 

It is always possible to email us with queries etc - we try to deal with all enquiries as quickly as we can.

Re DELIVERY AREAS AND DAYS - we have been greatly helped in getting orders out to people by Richie who some of you may have met already - he is helping out with some of our rounds and this has enabled us to catch up with admin and make a start with (the most improtant thing?) growing! 

We are now able to deliver all orders on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and substantially the rounds should be the same every week now - although we are still making a few adjustments. 

Meanwhile the garden is looking great, and we are catching up with sowing and planting as fast as we can. Last year  we were successfully minimising buying in transplants and managing to sow and grow most of our own; however this year in order to buy a little time we have some plant orders coming soon from Delfland, in addition to  the many seeds already sown.