March 2021

04 March 2021

We hope you are enjoying your deliveries and the the beginnings of Spring time!

The future

In our last news we explained that we wanted to start handing on the baton to someone else and for us to take things a bit more gently.

However, since then (positive) changes beyond our control mean that although we are still wanting to do this eventually, it is not likely to happen for a couple more years. In the meantime we will continue working to secure a good future for Bluebell Organics. We look forward to continuing to supply you; for now everything will continue as usual. We will give you as much notice as we can of any changes.

Price increase

Also in our last news we explained that we would be deciding on the level of increase of our prices in the new year (we have kept prices the same since 2017).

We have increased prices from March onwards; by between 10 and 15% on all our deliveries. Thanks to all our regular customers who have reponded so quickly, and positively! 

Adding apple juice and eggs

From March onwards we will be able to offer everyone the opportunity to add Bluebell apple juice and also Piercebridge Organic Farm free range eggs to a delivery (until now we have only been able to deliver these to some areas). You can find these on the web shop or email us to add to your regular order. 

Returning delivery bags, boxes etc

During 2020 we have been delivering with single use compostable bags and boxes but from now on we will be able to safely re-use everything, so please leave out the bags and boxes (and apple juice bottles) from your previous delivery for us to take away.

Many thanks to you all and all best wishes to you through 2021

Cath and Jem at Bluebell Organics