Becoming a regular customer

Our new website is based on one-off orders as this makes it much simpler to use.

Some customers prefer to continue with this method of ordering - the advantages are you can order as and when you need, and you are free to change your shopping basket  each time you order.

You might, however, prefer to consider a regular order - this could be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly - and does not have to be the same each week - for example some customers might alternate between a stir fry and a medium bag. It means you don't have to think about ordering your lovely veg which will turn up at your door (or drop-off point) on Fridays. Delivery is included with all our veg bags, and you can add to your order any time via the website if you want extras, which will all be delivered free with your bag.


Paying for your regular order - 

This can be by bank transfer, standing order, or COD.