Veg and fruit bags -contents table

ALL bags include delivery - except for the TOP-UP bags which are delivered free with any other order. 

 Bag   Price

Small A (SMA)

Fresh basic selection of vegetables to see you through the week!



1k potatoes

500g carrots

500g onions

+2 seasonal



Small B (SMB)

(smaller portions)

For single people or couples, smaller quantities and more varieties.



500g potatoes

350g carrots

350g onions

+ 4 smaller seasonal items



Small C (SMC)

(Veg/fruit )

As above, but including some fruit as well as  basic veg


500g potatoes

350g carrpts

350g onions

+1 veg item

+ 600g fruit (5-6 average pieces)


Medium (MED)

Family size bag with a range of fresh, tasty

seasonal veg


1.5k potatoes

750g carrots

750g onions

+ 4 seasonal



Large (LG)

Plenty of fresh seasonal veg to feed a hungry family, with a wider range of items.


2k potatoes

1k carrots

1k onions

+ 6 seasonal



Family Budget Bag


Using whatever is best value in season, this bag gives you the most organic veg for your budget!


1.5 kilo potatoes

1k carrots

1k onions

2 other large portions of veg in season



Bluebell Bag (BB)

A completely local, seasonal selection all grown either at Bluebell or in  the North of England


1k potatoes

500g carrots

500g onions

2 other local

seasonal items

A monthly seasonal treat such as apple juice or chutney, or new seasonn produce from the Bluebell garden.


Stir fry (STIR)

A range of veg such as courgettes, tomatoes, celery for those wanting fewer roots etc



500g onions

+ 5 items (not root veg)

Top-up fruit (TF)

A selection of

organic fruit to add to your order


1k mixed fruit  –

8 average  pieces

Top-up veg (TV)

A selection of tasty  items to add to your cooking such as peppers, garlic, ginger, herbs.



5 items (not roots)